Pernyataan Visi NSO Antar Negara

Artikel kali ini mengupas beberapa contoh pernyataan Visi dan Misi yang dikukuhkan oleh National Statistical Office (NSO) di berbagai negara. Apa perbedaan antara Visi dan Misi ?

Visi dan misi adalah dua hal yang berbeda dalam konteks perencanaan strategis organisasi. Visi adalah gambaran jangka panjang mengenai tujuan utama organisasi, sedangkan misi adalah tindakan konkret yang dilakukan organisasi untuk mencapai tujuan tersebut.

Dari sisi waktu, visi biasanya merujuk pada masa depan jangka panjang, misalnya dalam 5-10 tahun ke depan. Sedangkan misi biasanya berfokus pada tindakan yang akan dilakukan dalam waktu yang lebih singkat, misalnya dalam waktu satu tahun. Visi adalah gambaran ideal tentang keadaan di masa depan yang diinginkan organisasi, sementara misi lebih berfokus pada tindakan konkret yang dapat dilakukan untuk mencapai visi tersebut.

Seperti apa visi berbagai Kantor Statistik Resmi di berbegai negara ? Berikut daftar visi Kantor Statistik Resmi yang berhasil dikumpulkan.

  1. BPS, Statistics Indonesia : Penyedia Data Statistik Berkualitas untuk Indonesia Maju (Provider of Qualified Statistical Data for Advanced Indonesia).
  2. Australia : By 2025, we maximise the value of data across our organisation, and lead in big data use, to deliver relevant, trusted and objective official statistics, insights and data services.
  3. Armenia : The facts speak more than words.
  4. Belarus : Current and relevant official statistical information.
  5. Bosnia Herzegovina : Providing reliable, quality, comprehensive, timely and internationally comparable statistical information to help meet the data needs of all stakeholders.
  6. Brazil : To portray Brazil by providing the information required to the understanding of its reality and the exercise of citizenship.
  7. Canada : Serving Canada with high-quality statistical information that matters.
  8. Estonia : Providing reliable and objective information about Estonia.
  9. Finland : Facing the future with knowledge.
  10. Hungary : Assisting informed decision making, research and dialogue between all actors of the society by producing and disseminating credible and trusted high-quality official statistics and analyses.
  11. Iceland : In a world awash with information, information quality becomes he most important feature.
  12. India : Strengthen India’s national statistical system to provide real-time inputs for policy and stronger dissemination practices for public.
  13. Italy : Knowing the present, planning for the future.
  14. Jamaica : We Collect. We Analyse. We Publish.
  15. Kazakhstan : Who owns the numbers, owns the world.
  16. Kyrgyz Republic : Informative, visibility, accessibility
  17. Mexico : Knowing México. INEGI – information for everyone. INEGI informs.
  18. Netherlands : Facts that matter.
  19. New Zealand : Unleash the power of data to change lives.
  20. Norway : Our statistics are independent, and the policy of equal access is highly emphasized.
  21. Slovenia : We count. Today for tomorrow.
  22. South Africa : To lead and partner in statistical systems for evidence-based decisions.
  23. Suriname : Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write.
  24. Tajikistan : o statistics – no state.
  25. Thailand : All public society use statistics and information as guiding light or the country development and benefits of the Thai people.
  26. Türkiye : Statistics are the key of understanding the past, governing today and planning the future!
  27. United Kingdom : Trusted statistics are essential for making good decisions in society and ONS is the leading provider of these essential data in the UK.
  28. USA : BSL – Accurate, objective, relevant, timely, accessible. SSL – he value of statistics and research is in informed decision making.

Ternyata Visi Kantor Statistik Resmi sangat beragam bukan? Menurut pembaca, visi negara mana yang paling mungkin diwujudkan dalam waktu dekat? Isikan jawaban pembacac di kolom komentar.

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